Our Instructors


Margi Douglas

Owner and Certified Pilates/Alexander Instructor

Margi is certified by the Kane School in prenatal and postpartum Pilates, and is perinatal certified by Healthy Moms. She has been certified to teach Alexander under master ATI (Alexander Technique International) teacher Chloe Wing in New York City. Currently Margi studies with Lesley Powell at Movements Afoot and works with Master teachers throughout NYC to create continuing education for her instructors and clients. Workshops held at the Garage have included instructor's education on Osteoporosis, Understanding the Psoas and Anatomy Review. Continuing workshops for clients focus on Postpartum Pilates, Alexander and Pilates, and Margi's specialty Voice and Pilates.


Dylan Goodrich

Studio Manager and Certified Pilates Instructor

Dylan Goodrich is a fully certified Pilates Instructor who studied at the Kane School of Core Integration. Dylan was introduced to Pilates through her doctor as a way to heal her back and neck pain. She was in a car that was rear- ended by five cars in the pile up accident! With Pilates she was able to rehabilitate her back and neck. Dylan feels this experience has made her sensitive to understanding clients working through limitations and pain. Dylan's teaching in Pilates has focused on osteoporosis, scoliosis and postpartum Pilates. Dylan is co-creator of a postpartum guide "Get in Shape after Having a Baby." She currently manages at the Pilates Garage and teaches at Bridge Pilates. Dylan is also a fully certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Practitioner (CNHP) and currently counsels clients on holistic health.


Jessica Ree

Certified Pilates Instructor

Jessica Ree started taking Pilates at 14 after a dance-related back injury left her looking for more strength for her over-flexible body. She started in California with Rael Isacowitz. After years of taking Pilates, she decided to combine her love of Pilates with her love of teaching. She became certified through Body Tonic Pilates Gymnasium in Brooklyn, NY. Jessica has also taken courses on exercise during pregnancy. She enjoys introducing Pilates to new students.


Theresa Squire

Certified Pilates Instructor

Theresa is a costume designer, pilates instructor and former dancer who loves dancing around with her little girl. Pilates helped her recover from multiple knee injuries (including ACL reconstruction) and has supported her through pregnancy and beyond. Her love of teaching and helping others lead to her certification at the Kane School of Core Integration in New York. She continues to further her education through workshops and master classes. Her clients have a wide variety of goals beyond just getting in shape. They range from addressing chronic issues and injury recovery to surf camp prep and getting in tune with their body. Whatever your interest, her sessions are tailored to your overall goals as well as the needs of any given day.


Katie Vason

Certified Pilates Instructor

Katie Vason, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, graduated from Connecticut College with a double major in dance and self-designed environmental politics. She discovered Pilates after dance-related injuries, and has found pilates to be complimentary in assisting rehabilitation and improving overall physical fitness. Katie completed her mat equipment certification through the Kane School in 2009 and equipment certification in 2011. She recently completed a "Pilates Through Pregnancy" workshop with Deborah Goodman at Kinected in May 2012. In addition to teaching, Katie continues to dance and work on her own choreography.