Create Your Life by Design Workshop with Katie Vason


Photo by Anthony Collins

Ontological coaching is the study of being- the idea that who you are being can change everything. It is a methodology for creating effective change for individuals, teams and organizations. Rooted in the idea that clarity around purpose, intention and awareness of one’s being is the catalyst for lasting change, that who you are being is more important then the all the doing we often find ourselves in. 

When I decided to take on Accomplishment coaching’s year long training program, I knew I wanted to access more tools in order to support people in creating effective change in their lives but I was also knew I craved a personal kind of transformation that would enable me to tap in to my full potential, both personally and professionally. Deep down, I knew I wanted a change, one that would support me in accessing all that I have to give.  I was a little hesitant, uncertain and skeptical but the idea of possibility far outweighed any skepticism or fear.  I needed to take a chance. 

And boy I am glad I did! Through working with my own coach over the past year while going through the program, I have experienced tremendous growth in moving forward- not only was I able to graduate from a rigorous training program, but I also found my voice, created a coaching business, rekindled my passion for environmental issues and through my own coach’s support, was able to successfully enroll an entire organization in changing their water bottle policy by switching to more sustainable options. This change all started from looking at who I was being, who I wanted to be and my bottom line commitments. 

Much like working one on one sessions with a Pilates instructor or personal trainer where the instructor has an outsiders perspective, working with a coach is about working towards goals, creating breakthroughs that lead to more possibility and incite that might not be as accessible on one’s own. A coach serves as an accountability partner in supporting the client’s bigger vision. 

I love working with clients one on one in this way- it is an honor to support them in creating a life that reflects what they truly want. Sound like something you might be interested in? Come check out the workshop on November 7th! Here is a testimonial from an amazing client:

“Katie Vason has served as an inspiration to me since the moment we met. Her enthusiasm for life, her welcoming and warm heart, and her passionate drive towards her ambitions become contagious in her presence. 

While I've known Katie for a number of years now, I have worked with her specifically as a life coach for three months. In that time, she has filled my life with gentle but fervent encouragement, questions that continually provoke further thought and investigation, and support in the face of challenge and much change. I so look forward to our weekly sessions, as I know that I will walk away feeling more centered, grounded, and energized and prepared to work towards the change I seek in my life. She meets my requests with thoughtfulness and always ensures that I leave our session feeling empowered.

I am so grateful for her diligence in our work together, her kindness and accessibility as she listens and offers her support, and to have someone I can confide my dreams in and gain help from in the makings of those dreams. Katie is an incredible coach, and I'm sure she will only continue in her growth in this field, benefitting herself and others along the way.” - LB