“Core and Cardio” Workshop with Gabe

Gabriel, is not only a personal trainer but he is also an actor with an MFA from Columbia University and a founding member of Magis Theatre Company. Gabriel incorporates his physical theatrical training into his fitness training. And that combination makes his approach completely creative and unique. His approach is not a quick fix or a fad but scientifically based for long-term sustainability.

Gabriel believes in an inclusive, unpretentious, straight-forward approach that addresses topics thoroughly in detail yet is easy to understand and employ. 

Fitness & Fun are not mutually exclusive and with discipline, dedication and unrelenting determination your goals are limitless. Feeling Fit and Fabulous go together hence Gabriel's creation - PHOENIX FAB FITNESS - Be re-born and join the Fun so you can be Fab for Life.  To learn more about Gabe visit his Facebook page.

Come Join us on May 2nd at 7.30pm at the Pilates Garage for a 90-minute “Core and Cardio” Workshop with Gabe. 

The cost is $35. You can sign up through your Mindbody account. Hit the Enrollment tab to pay and reserve your spot.

Core and Cardio (C&C) will focus on building a firm foundation of the Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip-Complex (your core) that compliments cardiovascular activity.  C&C utilizes the "Kinetic Chain Check Points" in proper alignment and technique, resulting in optimal functional movement for all fitness levels.  The Kinetic Chain is the integration of the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems for bodily movement. 

C&C will go through a series of exercises from the rudimentary to the complex that will create a strong core for high levels of endurance. C&C will conclude with a "circuit" (a series of exercises in rapid succession) illustrating how to incorporate these exercises into your daily routine.

Be ready to move and have tons of fun as all of Gabriel's workshops conclude with a fitness-cardio dance party!

Fitness and fun are one :-)

Gabriel Portuondo 

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) - Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Certified Weight Loss Specialist , NASM Certified Integrated Flexibility Training, Fitness Instructor CKO Kickboxing

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