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Clients at the Pilates Garage are experiencing a new wave of fitness and therapeutic training using the PC360 eccentric band system in combination with the Cadillac table. Caroline Feig, a physical therapist in residence at the studio, has developed a unique series of exercises that address common hip and knee injuries. She has shared her work with studio teachers and now some of those exercises can be integrated into your Pilates fitness session. Says studio owner Margi Douglas: “It is particularly useful when a client is bridging the gap between therapeutic work and fitness to use the PC360 straps prior to going into the Pilates springs or to help an advanced client gain a new awareness of an old Pilates exercise with a slightly different feeling of resistance, or turning something upside down. The results have been phenomenal, and students have reported feeling a dramatic change in support for a troubled knee or hip by the session’s end."

Save The Date: Ask the PT!

Date: Thursday, October 16th

When: 7:30 pm

Where: Pilates Garage, 441 3rd Avenue at corner of 8th street

Physical Therapist Caroline Feig

Physical Therapist Caroline Feig

Physical Therapist Caroline Feig is available to answer your questions at this special event. Do you need advice on how to heal or treat an injury? Or are you just curious about what might be wrong with your knee? Ankle? Shoulder? Instructors and clients welcome. We will all learn together.

We are so lucky to have Caroline at the Pilates Garage, where she can utilize the Pilates apparatus as appropriate to the injury. Follow up with Garage teachers for an ongoing program to help heal what ails you.    

Suggested Donation: $10

Call 718-768-1235 or email pilates.garage@gmail.com to reserve your spot!