The Pilates Garage Kids & Teens Program*

Pilates is a wonderful resource to address kids and teens' postural challenges such as Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Hypotonia, and general muscle weakness.

Our teachers at the Pilates Garage studio are smart and compassionate and have experience working with children and teenagers.

The Pilates Method corrects imbalances and neuromuscular patterning and can help restore full range of motion, strength and control. Unlike some programs that only focus on strength or endurance, Pilates exercises also develop flexibility, alignment, and coordination. Individual programs can be developed for your child or teen.

Children and teens that do Pilates experience better self esteem and develop correct postural habits to take into adulthood. The Pilates Method will have a positive impact on your child's overall health for years to come.

*Prices for the kids and teen sessions are the same as adult private Pilates sessions. All children and teens will be required to have a parent or guardian present for the session.