Here's what some of our clients are saying

I learned from our Alexander work to align my spine naturally. My injuries responded immediately, and I was walking two to three miles a day, pain-free, within a couple of months. As important as is Margi's seemingly inexhaustible knowledge of anatomy is her absolute confidence that your body can "get there," and the magical way in which she teaches it to do so.

- Diane Tosh, Alexander student

My work with Margi has helped me to get out of my head and back into my body, to free up places where energy is blocked, and has given me access to a freer flowing connection between myself and others. This was not happening before I did Alexander work with her. There's something powerful happening here!"

- Casey Groves, Alexander Student & Professional Actor.


About Us

Pilates Garage provides fully certified instructors from diverse backgrounds. Our teachers value compassion and understanding for the client. We feel strongly that a non-competitive caring environment is key to creating a welcoming studio. Our clients range from age 20 to 85 understanding that no-matter the age all can experience the transformative effects of Pilates.

Tailored individual sessions: Teachers will use a mix of classical Pilates incorporating stretching, props and specific touch. The session will be tailored to your fitness and health goals.

Therapeutic Pilates: The next step after an injury, coming out of a Physical Therapy environment or chiropractic care, addressing chronic back pain or working with the senior client.

Pre-natal and Post-Partum Pilates: Taught by teachers that have taken additional certification in Pilates for Pregnancy.


The Process

We build strong mind-body connection first and then work for maximum benefit. The Pilates Garage specializes in private or one-on-one sessions with the apparatus. We also offer small group mat classes and semi-private mat and apparatus combination classes.

Mat classes are perfect for people who are injury free. All mat classes are different; careful consideration should be given to picking the right mat class for you.

The mat class schedule and instructors are subject to change. If you cannot make the scheduled times, please call us to request new times and we will try to create a group class for you if others are available. There is a maximum of six persons to a class.