Get Fit Tips by Holistic Health Practitioner Dylan Goodrich

Tip 1. Give up sugar

This may be obvious but it’s a sure fire way to turn your diet around and lose a few or lots of pounds. Whether you are doing Atkins, South Beach, or the Paleo diet, what many of these plans have in common and why they are successful is that you give up sugar. For some people however, these diets can be a bit extreme and hard on the body. Unless you need a complete diet overhaul, try just giving up sugar in the form of pastries, desserts and unrefined carbohydrates. Unrefined carbohydrates include white bread, white rice, many breakfast cereals and crackers.  Instead replace sugar with fruit, especially when you have a sugar craving. In winter months look to your freezer section for good quality frozen organic wild blueberries and red raspberries.  My favorite fruit right now to snack on is organic Kiwis. They are packed full of vitamin C, which we need to keep our immune system up in these cold months.  

Tip 2. Add Organic Lemon 

Lemon is also full of vitamin C and have the great power to alkalinize your system. After a month of heavy eating and drinking, lemons will also help cleanse your gut. This in turn will help your skin to glow and also help you to lose weight. Try a cup of warm lemon water in the morning and spritzing lemon juice on your veggies and savory dishes.

Tip 3. Go Organic

Did you know that added hormones in meat and dairy could contribute to weight gain? Added hormones from food can change your personal hormonal profile. In turn, our hormones directly affect the strength our metabolism. Think of how ones weight fluctuates during big hormonal changes such as the step from teen to adult or entering menopause. Hormones affect our weight throughout our life even when not in an obvious life transition.